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Main St


2br / 2ba 1,500sqft

Greenblook Dr


3br / 2ba 1,500sqft

Working With Foreclosed Owner Occupants

Homeowners who trust and like you are far more likely to accept your offer. Play your cards right, and they’ll vacate the property with no drama. Happy foreclosed-upon people are less likely to vandalize their property out of frustration.

Be sure to explain that bankruptcy will have a serious impact on their credit report. If the owner sells before the auction period, some financial losses may be recouped, and bankruptcy and subsequent credit troubles are less likely. If the property goes to auction, the owner loses their home with no money.

Helping sellers rebuild credit by arming them with knowledge and a good exit strategy. The best solutions for sellers and investors offer fresh starts for both parties. Good relations with future former occupants will set the tone for happy home ownership.

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